Composer for Film, TV & Games

Born in Uruguay and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Christiaan Oyens has been composing, performing and producing music for over thirty-five years. A graduate of Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California, he further developed his compositional skills studying privately with Moacir Santos. Back in Brazil Christiaan wrote for musicals and TV. He also wrote several hit singles for Brazilian singers. His composition, "Catedral" sung by Zélia Duncan was the song that got most airplay in Brazil in 1995.


A multi-platinum record producer, Christiaan has two Latin Grammy nominations, and in 2015 he received a Latin Grammy Award as producer for the best Rock album of the year. He also received three International Emmy nominations for his musical production of The Voice Kids Brasil at Globo Network, Brazil.


Since moving to London in 2019, Christiaan has scored a feature film he recorded with The Saint Petersburg Studio Orchestra. He also composed, produced and orchestrated for the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra the score as well as the original songs for the feature animation film "My Big, Big Friend - The Movie". Christiaan was also the arranger for the album "Yn Rio" by Welsh singer/songwriter Carwyn Ellis. The album recorded by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales was released in October of 2021.

Nada é por Acaso - 2022

Meu AmigãoZão, o Filme - 2022

O Bem Amado - 2010

Vitória - 2014

Dona Xepa - 2013

Três Irmãs - 2008

Bang Bang - 2005

O Outro Lado do Paraíso - 2017

The Voice Brasil

The Voice Brasil Kids


 Adeus Paraíso - 2006

Yn Rio - 2021

Tudo É Um - 2019

 Zélia Duncan - 1994

 Acesso - 1998

Pré Pos Tudo Bossa Band - 2005

 Abrigo - 1995

Acústico MTV Marina Lima - 2003

 Programa - 2002

 Lulu Santos Acústico MTV - 2000